Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove (Full Remake with only Ableton Live)

Posted by Ann Yusyuk on presents new remake of Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove. Ukrainian music producers from Kiev. 

Brass, French horn, Bass, Sub bass, Strings, Pad. This remake is made with only Ableton Live native instruments, and it`s 99% identical with vocals.


Let`s have a closer look on how Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove track is produced.

Bass Layers

We have 4 Bass Layers. First 2 are playing same notes

Analog Saw Bass

Muugy Bass

Here you have the MIDI Notes :

Bass MIDI Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove

Then we add the rolling bass Electric Bass Palm and the sub bass using new wavetable instrument from Ableton Live 10.

Rolling bass Electric Bass Palm

Sub bass Wavetable by Ableton Live 10


Rolling Bass MIDI Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove

 Sub Bass Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove

Now we add the drums patterns

Drum pattern  Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove

Kick, drums and bass togheter sound like this:



Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove Track has a beautiful Brass element.  reveals the simple secret of using 3 layers for Brass elements all playing very similar MIDI pattern. Brass Ensemble Sforzando and French Horn sforzando

Brass Ensemble Sforzando

French Horn Sforzando

a bit of equing and reverb.

For the high end frequencies we use Ableton native Saw Pure Brass with a lot of reverb.Saw pure Brass

MIDI for this section 

Brass MIDI Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove


Brass layers should sound like this



Main lead of Drunk Groove is the portamento pitched or glide Lead using Analog with full reverb on it. Cutting the high end with native EQ

Ableton analog Drunk Groove Lead

To get this portamento glide effect Just duplicate same notes but and octave lower and some creativity between semitones.

Drunk Groove portamento lead

Listen the lead here


For any other different elements such as Strings, Pads, and vocals, Or even full remake with FX effects check our video or take our full project file in the description below.


Check please our quick how to produce video on


Template link:


No external Plugin needed

  • Template: "Drunk Groove" Template Ableton Live 9 
  • Software, DAW: Ableton Live Suite (Simple version with WAV included)
  • VSTi Plugins: No External VST plugins. Only standart one

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