Top 7 Free Vst to Start Music Production

Posted by Esteban Miranda on

How much time do you spend searching for free vst?

If your answer is a lot, then we have a guide here that will help you start producing music in no time.

Today with Top Music Arts we are going to show you our selection of the top seven free vsts to start with music production. These are the ones that we found most useful, easy to download and install, and compatible with the most DAW and OS out there (so you don´t have to use Jbridge or other third party software to make them work with your daw).

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Top 7 Free sample packs for Music production

Posted by Esteban Miranda on

Do you spend a lot of time searching for the best sample pack? Are you on a budget?     You don’t have to buy expensive royalty-free sample packs for making good music, when there are plenty available for free download on the internet.     Today with Top Music Arts we are going to help you by making the searching process a little easier. We’ve collected 7 of our favorite free sample packs from across the web. Whether you’re using a hardware MPC sampler or you just want to play around with Ableton Live’s Simpler or Drum Rack instruments, or Kontakt libraries, there’s...

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Improve your music while being away from your DAW

Posted by Esteban Miranda on

  Are you having trouble finding inspiration? Or maybe having trouble with your setup? You may need some time away from your daw! But it doesn´t mean you have to stop improving your music production. Today with Top music arts we are going to leave you some tips on how to keep your productivity while taking some time away from your daw. You don´t even have to necessarily be away from your computer, or your studio. Or maybe you are having to take some time away for another cause, like problems with your pc, or your studio, and you just...

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Free Kontakt Library: What does Kontakt Factory Selection library has to offer?

Posted by Esteban Miranda on

Are you new to Kontakt and want to try out some of the sounds?

With Top Music Arts today we are going to help you use Kontakt 5 player, the Factory Selection Library sounds, and choose the best ones.

In this guide right here we are going to show you a simple beat that I made entirely with Factory Selection sounds, a quick review of each sound and were you can find them in the library. 

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Ableton vs FL Studio: The Definitive Guide

Posted by Nazareno Pol on

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Ableton vs FL Studio.

Do you want to know what is the best DAW/Sequencer to produce music?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today TopMusicArts is going to show you the main pros/cons.

We tested both software and we can give you the answer to Ableton vs FL Studio!

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…


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