How to Mix Vocals in Ableton Tutorial

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Top Music Arts in this Ableton Tutorial covers mixing techniques for How to EQ a Vocal, How to Compress a Vocal, How to add Reverb and Delay to a Vocal using Ableton plugins (Build in). 

This tutorial shows how to create a vocal processing template and plugin chain, so you can use it for your next vocals. Mixing vocals in Ableton is very easy after you watch this video! This vocal template works great for Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Future Bass Projects.

Ableton 10 Tutorial for Mixing Vocals using only stock Ableton Plugins.

Plugin used:

Ableton EQEight

Ableton Compressor

Ableton Reverb

Ableton Delay

Ableton Flanger

Ableton Ping Pong Delay

Ableton Chorus

Ableton Glue Compressor


Learn how to mix vocals with Ableton Chain effect

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