7 Essential Websites for Music Producers

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The internet is a limitless and wonderful resource for music producers. 

It's allowed collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and techniques so music production is now more accessible than it ever has been before, and a whole host of access to awesome tools to help you make music in better, different and more exciting ways.

If you're like me, you're regularly looking around for the newest options out there for music production. 

Expanding your toolset is something I always say is super important, and today we are going to talk about something a little different.

Instead of synths, DAWS or plugins, we are going to talk about websites.

There are many many websites out there dedicated to music production (not unlike the site you're reading this article on!) and I'm going to give a round up of 10 of my favourites.

So, let's dive right in.


Lalal.ai is a really cool and useful website.

If you've ever wished you could extract the vocals or an instrumental from a track, then Lalal.ai may just be your favourite new website. Using powerful AI technology (we really do live in the future don't we?!) this site allows you to extract not just the vocals and the instrumental from audio uploaded to the site, but it also allows for extraction of musical instruments like drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and synths.

So, in theory, you could upload any audio to this site and get the stems for that track.

What's more, though it was originally only available in English, since 2021, it is now available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Koren and Spanish.

It also has Voice Cleaner, which is a noise cancellation solution.

Lalal.ai has different pricing options. 

There's a free option, which limits you to 10 minutes of upload time, and 50mb per file. It also only allows audio processing.

The two paid options, the Lite and Plus packs are £15 and £30respectively, and have more upload minutes and allow video processing too.

Obviously, the possibilities for getting amazing samples out of this are awesome, so check it out!


I remember when I was younger, if I wanted to know the chords to a song I really liked, I'd have to go and buy the official chord book from my local music shop.

How  times have changed!

With Chordify.net, you can learn the chords for any song you like.

Chordify.net's paid subscription option comes with a wide variety of really cool features.

You have unlimited access to the chords to millions of songs on their ever growing database. You can even upload songs to Chordify and let it figure out the music. It can display chords for guitar, ukulele or piano.

There are also transpose features, allowing you to move a song to a different key with just one click.

I think this site is really great if you're looking at doing remixes of songs, and with premium, you can even downlad the midi files of the song's chords. This means you can seamlessly get into your remix.

It's also available on the web, iOS and Android.

Chordify.net has the free option, which limits your access to songs, and the paid option is £1.24 per month if billed annually, or £4.99 per month if your want to pay monthly.

Obviously, this is a hugely useful website if you're wanting to know the chords to songs you like, and the option for downloading the MIDI is great for remixers.


This one is perfect for all you sample loving crate diggers out there.

Worldwide disease forcing you to stay indoors? Too lazy to get up and go to your local record store? 

Well, luckily, the wonderful word wide web has a place for you to find obscure and wacky music for your sampling pleasure.

Samplette.io is a random song generator which loads up youtube links to some really fun and obscure music, which is just perfect for sampling. 


The big pink button at the bottom is a random shuffle button, bringing up a new track with each hit. 

And there's also a selection of filters (pictured above) for more specific sample hunters out there.

This is a seriously cool and useful tool. It will allow you to find some really nice and unique sounds for your next sampling project, so go nuts!


Basic Pitch

This is a pretty cool one, and interestingly, it's owned by spotify.

basicpitch.spotify.com is an online audio-to-MIDI converter which was built by Spotify.

 What's unique about Basic Pitch is that, using AI model, it combines a lot of audio processing power to be able to detect subtle nuances in the audio. 

It can even detect pitch bend!

It works on any single instrument recording, and supports polyphonic instruments, meaning you could even load up a piano track and get the MIDI for it.

This really for a number of applications.

As I just suggested, if you have a bit of audio that you really like, maybe it's a chord progression or a riff, you can drop it into Basic Pitch, and then get the MIDI for it.

But also, if your instrumental playing isn't too hot, you could hum or sing into basic pitch to get a melody for a track you're working on, as it even has a record button right on the home page.

This is super useful site, and I must admit I had quite a chuckle at the name.


This one is super useful for producers and DJs alike, as its a key& BPM finder. But it boasts a few more cool features too.

Search a song, and if it's in their database of over 70 million songs, the key and BPM information will all be there.

But this isn't the only feature Tunebat offers.

Tunebat also offers the following features:

  • Vocal Remover - Seamlessly allows you to remove vocals from audio using their powerful AI powered track separation.
  • Song Mastering - One of the many sites now offering online mastering, making your music sound radio-ready with their easy to use mastering service.
  • Music Video Maker - You can create cool visuals on Tunebat by uploading your music and customizing the video to your liking.



Whosampled.com is a great resource for helping you deconstruct some of the mystique of the great music out there.

You can browse their library of over 897,000 songs across genres like HipHop, Rap & R&B, all the way to Rock, Pop and Funk. The genres are limitless.

There are over 28,000 contributors to Whosampled, adding their knowledge and sharing it with the world.

But what does it do?

Put simply, Whosampled allows you to search a track and find out exactly what samples have gone into that track. 

It's a great way to find inspiration by seeing the types of music that hit record producers are sampling, and also allows you to find great sample inspiration of your own. 

Bandlab Sounds

I've spoken extensively about Bandlab in a few of my articles, but for this guide, we need to focus on Bandlab's extensive free sample library.

Bandlab Sounds is an extensive library of curated sample packs, created by professional producers from around the world.

All you need to do is create a free account, and you can instantly access thousands of sample packs across a wide range of genres. The sample packs available on Bandlab Sounds are quality.

What's more, you can audition samples on the website, so you can cherry pick the best samples from a specific pack, rather than clogging up your hard drive with samples you'll never even listen to, let alone use.


Get surfing!

So, there's a round up of seven of my favourite websites as a music producer.

Each of these is super useful in its own way, and adding these seven sites to your bookmarks bar will seriously level up your produciton game.

Hopefully you found something useful in this list, and if you know of any more super useful music production related websites that we didn't mention here, let us know down in the comments!

In the meantime, keep making music, and we will catch up with you in our next guide.


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