Malaa Style Ableton Template - Faya (G-House)

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A Professional G House style Ableton Template inspired by Malaa and his Music Production Techniques. A great opportunity to learn about vocal sampling, sub bass, Drum beat production and more.  

The Template was made for Ableton Live 10, using Lennar Digital´s Sylenth1 v3 Vst Plugin and Gvst´s Gclip. Also making use of Ableton Live 10´s Stock FX and Stock Instruments as well. Future Bass Style samples for beginners are included, with a full arrangement Beat. Both fully Mixed and Mastered, ready for you to download and start playing it!

Faya - Malaa Style G House Ableton Template Audio

Template Specifications:

  • File size: 39 MB
  • Software, DAW: Ableton Live 10 Suite
  • VST Plugins: Lennar Digital´s Sylenth1 v3 and Gclip (Free) Vst plugin Required.

    You can download GcLip it for free here: 
  • Song Key: Eb Min
  • Time Length: 4:18
  • Genre: G House, Bass House
  • Drums: All Drum Samples are part of this zipped project. You can find them there. 
  • Recommendations: If you run into any CPU issues, we’re using a 3rd generation Intel i7 at around 10% here so make sure to use Ableton's freezing function and resampling techniques if you have trouble running the project. 





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