Best VST Instruments used in 2017 (to reach top charts EDM)

Posted by Nazar Polyukhovych on

Today let`s have a look on 3 top vst 2017 used to produce top hits in dance music.

3. Nexus2 reFX

The most famous sampler used in dance music. Of course it`s Nexus. Nexus has very high quality patches with simple filters and EQ. A big amount of presets and patches available for any genre. Future Bass, Deep house, Hiphop, Pop music and other. wants you to explain how easy Nexus could make your tracks very successful.

For the purpose let`s see how the main Pad sound is produced in

Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage


Pad vst Nexus Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage

The preset used is in section Plucked, Hands up bells 2. Playing the MIDI notes we show in the picture.


Amazing chord progression and preset.

You can purchase Nexus2 Starter at the price of 249$ Buy now 

 2. Xfer SERUM 

I think SERUM vst is the most powerful wavetable vst available on the market. It has a wide spectrum of wavetable. Hi quality effects and visually it`s very easy for the beginners . In 2017 it became even more important in EDM capable to create new sounds over and over. Most templates and tracks has this vst instruments in the house. 

Lead Calvin Harris - Slide

With a simple 2 oscillators the lead in Calvin Harris - Slide was created.

We added some Bass and percussions. The final result is:

You can purchase Serum here Buy Now $189.00


1. Kontakt Exhale Library 

We lead to our best vst library of 2017. Kontakt Exhale. 

Kontakt has a lot of high quality libraries and our favourite is Exhale. 

This library contains plenty of vocal Leads, Vocal phrases, vocal shots in high quality. This library is used by Marshmello, Dj snake , Justin Bieber, David Guetta. 

We would like to show you the main reason why we have this vst in our top vst 2017. It`s just because of track J Balvin- Mi Gente. We take preset called Nice Male Ahs, we put the simplest melody and thats all. Hit made 

Kontakt Library Exhale. Mi jente

 Hope our top vst 2017 article helps in your music production. Help us to grow following us on our youtube channel and instagram.

Check our how to produce 

How to produce Martin Garrix & David Guetta - So Far Away (tutorial)


See you soon

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